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We at the Verma associates Kamal V. Verma & Associates provide all kinds of legal documentation services of drafting, vetting, and registration and stamping of various documents, deeds, petitions and wills according to the need of our clients and as required. Our team of experienced and qualified advocates and lawyers are all expertise in their fields, giving the best needed documentation solution to every individual who approach us for our support, without any distinction. There are also few other services which we provide specifically for the drafting different kinds of court petitions as needed.The drafting services we provide includes the registration services related to the registration, formation, and incorporation of companies, various partnerships etc. undertaking various different services relating to the vetting of documents, court petitions with proper scrutiny and supervision.

The documentation services as a whole
Our Law firm provides legal advice on all kinds of documentation matters. Drafting documentation and registration services of various documents, deeds, agreements, declarations are very important legal services and need to be done through highly qualified and trained legal hands hence we are maintaining a team of such legally trained persons who can perform such duties as per the requirements of the client.

Drafting, vetting and reviewing of legal documents and providing important documentation for challenging and complex cases of commercial, building construction, joint venture and infrastructure projects by multinational, transnational are also few of the documentation services we provide. We do draft vital legal documents such as contracts, agreements, and even memorandums according to the need of the client.

Our expertise team while drafting do take special care of all applicable laws, the parties’ negotiations, with the agreed terms and conditions following the important terms as arbitration clause, final integration clause and force majeure clause. So to fully summarize our services in the area of documentation and deeds are expertise are,

  • The sale of immovable property deed
  • The mortgage deed
  • The various lease deeds
  • The gift deeds
  • The exchange of property deeds
  • The trusts deed
  • The partition deed
  • The leave and license deeds
  • The ownership flats and developments agreements
  • The easements
  • The deeds of confirmation, rectification and cancellation
  • The sale of business deed
  • The charter party agreements
  • The hypothecation and pledge
  • The hire and purchase agreements
  • The actionable claim agreements
  • The Law of contracts
  • The bailment
  • The indemnity and guarantee deed
  • The agency agreements
  • The apprenticeship
  • The service contracts
  • The bonds
  • The partnership agreements
  • The building agreements
  • The foreign collaboration agreements
  • Franchise Agreements
  • Advertisement Contracts
  • Transport Contracts
  • Information Technology and Computer Contracts
  • The labor law and documentation
  • The company, corporation and society agreements
  • The shipping documents
  • The power of attorney agreements
  • The banking and negotiable instruments
  • The adoption agreement
  • The arbitration agreement
  • The testamentary documents
  • The power of appointments agreement

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Deeds and Documents Services
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Deeds and Documents Services
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