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 Being in the legal business for the last twenty years, the Kamal V. Verma & Associates have gained a wide range of experience in the different fields of the legal sector, and corporate law as of the major segment, developing to a strong a highly developed law firm handling the corporate law. Our team consists of the best and qualified lawyers with years of experience in the field, so we can offer strong effective services to all oura different clients with the combined and effective knowledge of corporate law matters in a key sub discipline manner.

With this efficient ability of identifying potential issues and develop real time, practical solutions to a wide variety of client concerns, ensuring complete customer satisfaction is our trademark. We also offer specific solutions to our clients in critical cases through the harnessing skill and experience as and when needed.

The expertise of our firm

With the comprehensive understanding of different business challenges and with the associated legal practices, we strive to enable each and every client of ours to successfully face and win over any form of ongoing challenges and or the upcoming opportunities they face. With the growth steps of the client’s business we are there to give our full support to them, and our cliental list includes the different business owners, the management teams and even the shareholders involved in making the key decisions helping them to fetch their long term success in future. Out firm’s oriented services and efficient implementation of corporate dealings has helped us to have such a strong national and international client list who not only trusts us but do believe in our ideologies and vision in legal arena.

The corporate services provided by Kamal V. Verma & Associates as a whole

Actively assisting different clients to deal with diverse challenges and issues which arise from the corporate compliance and conduct, we are always there with import solutions, as the team of lawyers and advocates are devoted to their oath and responsibilities. Representing and advising domestic and even many multinationals companies in the nation and around the globe has given us the opportunity to make strong bonds of understanding trust with our clients in India and across the globe. We also collaborate with law firms from other jurisdictions and try to work in sync as a team in many of the representation cases when there is an urgent need.

To be more precise and making it simple to understand the practice areas of our firm completely as a whole includes,

  • The International Commercial Arbitration
  • The Bilateral Investment Treaty Arbitration
  • The General Corporate Practice
  • The Cross Border and Domestic Mergers and Acquisitions
  • The Domestic Arbitration and Litigation in India
  • Setting up and supporting FDI Companies in India
  • The Regulatory and Legal support to companies in India.


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