Civil Litigation

The word civil litigation may seem to be confusing for many but yet it is can be simplified as simply a global settlement, where the suits are filed or been charged in multiple jurisdictions. It can also be defined as a legal agreement that addresses or simply it combines both the civil claims and the criminal charges against any big corporation or any other large entity of that size. Our firm is one of the best service law firms as giving support in the civil litigation matters to our clients, we have been advising and representing the clients before the Supreme Court, High Courts and all District Courts, Tribunals, Boards, District Courts all over the country. The litigation team here has been providing full support and assistance in both the civil and criminal litigations cases including the arbitration, the matrimonial suits, the recovery suits, corporate, criminal, the winding up of the petitions, consumer rights, motor accident claims and various more different areas of law litigation cases.

Following the simple yet stringent process ensuring the best service provided to the clients added with proficient and high-quality litigation services. At the Verma associates all the litigation services process follows a proper and specific structured and disciplined approach to deal and get the verdict on our behalf. All the litigation services are designed based on our years of experience in giving the best litigation services to our clients be it national or our global clients.


Our Litigations Vision for Clients

The different litigation projects or the cases at the Kamal V. Verma & Associates do follow a particular detailed planning and processing procedure with the expertise of the experienced team of lawyers in the field. We see that all our competent litigation processes should ensure the best accuracy, proficiency, and consistency providing the clients. Basing on the coding process of more than a million pages for a large number of global customers, our litigation services are of an up to standard coding specification. Our team can also assist you in composing a proper and clear well defined coding manual. The outsourcing litigation services from us can also assist you in saving your precious time and energy with an additional effortless manpower.

Following a stringent process ensuring the high-quality litigation services, the firm’s time-tested and proven methodology has enabled further to efficiently manage major voluminous paperwork and deliver desired results within a given time frame from the clients. The major areas of litigation services we provide are as follows,

  • The Constitutional Law
  • The Service Law
  • The Disputes related to Contracts and the Agreements
  • The Family Law
  • The Property Suits
  • The Labor and Employment Laws
  • The Real Estate Law
  • The Environmental Law
  • The Wills and Probate
  • The Recovery Suits
  • The Enforcement of Decrees
  • The Enforcement of Foreign Decrees
  • And the Infrastructure Laws

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Civil Litigation Law
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